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Emergency Pediatric Dentistry


Emergency Dentistry Gaithersburg MD

Rendering of tooth on emergency kitA dental emergency can occur at any time.

For children, a pediatric emergency in dental care will be needed when the oral pain is too much to bear.

Children need emergency care when there is structural damage to the teeth or if an incident occurs that could result in the teeth or gums being harmed if the situation is left untreated.

Here at MVP Smiles, we can help with all types of dental emergencies involving children.

When to Contact a Pediatric Dentist for Emergency Care

As parents, we want to provide our children with the best care possible.

This involves providing emergency assistance when needed.

However, how do you know when your child’s dental issue is an emergency?

There are several conditions or symptoms that can help you determine if emergency care is needed.

Broken Tooth

Of the more serious issues, a broken, fractured or knocked out tooth require emergency care.

Children commonly break or fracture their teeth when playing sports or just playing in general.

If a tooth is broken, gather the pieces if you are able and use dental wax to cover the broken areas until you reach our office.

We can then provide the best care possible to restore your child’s teeth.

Knocked Out Tooth

When a tooth is knocked out, the dentist needs to be contacted as quickly as possible.

Older children will need to clean the tooth with warm water and then place it back into the empty socket in the gums.

For younger children, the tooth should not be placed back in their mouth because they are at risk of swallowing it.

Visiting our office quickly will help to repair the issue promptly.

Absessed Tooth

A dental abscess is another common reason behind the need for pediatric emergency dental care.

When an abscessed tooth is present, the gums can become swollen; your child may also have a fever.

An abscess is a serious issue as it is an infection and can spread within the body.

If your child has an abscess and is in great pain, call our emergency number for assistance.

A 3D Rendering close up of a chipped tooth Gaithersburg, MD

Dental Emergencies

Children with braces may also need emergency care if they have pain in the mouth or are injured.

Braces often cause discomfort, but if the pain becomes too severe, then something might be wrong.

The braces will need to be stabilized to remove the intense feeling of pain.

An injury to the mouth when braces are present can also lead to the need for emergency care.

Avoiding Dental Emergencies

There are ways that parents can help children avoid dental emergencies.

When playing sports, children can wear a mouthguard.

This can help to avoid any damage to the teeth when playing contact sports.

Remind your child to use scissors when trying to cut open items instead of the teeth as this can cause breakage or damage.

Always visit our office every six months so your child’s teeth can be evaluated.

The goal is to ensure that your child’s teeth are healthy and strong.

Emergency Pediatric Dentist Gaithersburg

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