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Space Maintainers


Space Maintainers

An example of a space maintainer.If your child has lost a tooth due to an accident or decay, it is essential that the space is maintained to prevent any issues in the future. Dental problems can arise due to space loss, which can lead to shifting of teeth. This can result in permanent teeth having trouble erupting. With space maintenance, the empty space where a tooth was removed is cared for, ensuring teeth can grow and erupt normally. Here at MVP Smiles, we can provide space maintenance for your child when they lose a tooth due to decay or an accident.

Varying Types

Space maintainers come in various types and are created from different materials. Stainless steel and plastic are the most common materials used for the maintainers. The appliance can be fixed, which means cemented to the teeth.

With a fixed maintainer, there are several designs that can be used. A band and loop maintainer is common, created from stainless steel wire and held in place with a band or crown on the adjacent tooth located next to the empty space. The wire will be placed on the crown, or the loop of wire will rest on the side of the tooth to stay in place.

A lingual arch may also be used as a space maintainer. This option is placed on the lower teeth when the back teeth are missing on both sides of the jaw. A wire is placed on the tongue side of the arch and will be attached to a tooth that is located in front of the missing space. With this arch, the remaining teeth are prevented from shifting backward, filling in the empty space.

A third option is a distal shoe. This type of space maintainer is commonly used for a first permanent molar tooth when it has yet to erupt. This is the most complicated of space maintainers. The end is created from metal and will be inserted below the gumline to stop the open space from the missing tooth from closing up. With this option, the progress of the tooth will be monitored as it starts to erupt.

Rules for Space Maintainer Appliances

If your child has a space maintainer, it must be cared for. The maintainer must not come into contact with candy or chewing gums as sticky foods can be harmful. Children should not push on the maintainer or tug on it with their tongue or fingers. Brushing and flossing must continue as normal with attention paid to the space maintainer area. Your child should also continue to attend regular visits with us to keep teeth and gums healthy and clean. This will also ensure that the space maintainer can be checked and changed if needed.

For more information about space maintainers, call the experienced professionals here at MVP Smiles at (240) 981-4020 today!

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